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Just wanted to thank everyone at Victory Physical Therapy for helping my shoulder to become stronger and having significantly less pain. The exercises have improved my posture and helped to strengthen my back. I also wanted you to know that you made me feel comfortable each time I came. Everyone at Victory was so friendly and very helpful, and made my experience a positive one.

Betsy F.

It has been my pleasure to recuperate with such a personal and caring staff. You guys are great.

Flossie R.

Many thanks for providing me with great care following rotator cuff surgery in February… My golf game thanks you and my basketball will thank you beginning next month. You are the best!

Tom A.

I usually don’t write letters of appreciation but I feel compelled to do so. I just want to express my feelings of thanks and appreciation to everyone there for being so nice and concerned… Starting with Karen, she was very nice in arranging my appointments to fit in my daily schedule…I can’t say enough to tell all of you how much you made me feel like wanting to do something to better myself… When I first began your very well planned workouts, it was very hard for me to do some of the exercises… As time went on, I found it was much easier to complete my routine with greater ease because of the hands on and watchful eyes of all of you to make sure I was doing everything the proper way… I will continue the program Mike planned for me at home… Again, many thanks for making me a person that I thought was not possible.

Tony V.

I came to Victory… with a 3 part Femur fracture… I want to thank all of you for your kindness, patience, thoughtfulness and your encouragement… Everyone has been impressed by my quick recovery and I think I owe most of that to Victory!

Ashley P.

I appreciate the individual care and attention that you give to each of your patients.

Jane K.

There are no words to say how positive this therapy has been and how special you have all become to me! I have had P.T. many times before and Victory Physical Therapy has been by far the most professional and invigorating. Thanks you so much! You are an amazing team.

Joanne G.

I saw my surgeon… And he said I am doing great and do not need to see him again… I have had much experience with PT’s… and my experience with you was the very best… Thank you again for your excellent services and care.

Ann P.

Many thanks for all your TLC. Your great expertise has spelled VICTORY for me. Keep up the good work.

Pat M.

Once again, thank you for restoring our quality of life!! If we lived to be 100, we couldn’t thank you enough!!

Sal M.

A big thank you for all your time, talent and encouragement during my few weeks here… To be good at your job you must have the knowledge, but to be truly exceptional you must have the right attitude… Your positive attitude is what truly makes you excellent.

Karen R.